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XYZR_KX (pronounced ‘Scissor Kicks’) is Jon Monteverde, Chicago-based Chinese-Filipino indie-rock/electro-pop wunderkind. From his start as the drummer for the dissonant rockers What Now My Love, he has shown a remarkably mature musicality inherent in his work. With his XYZR_KX project, Monteverde redefines the boundaries of the traditional pop song by simultaneously incorporating hushed vocals, serrated guitars, and chaotic beats
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XYZR_KX - Inanomie OP.221

'Inanomie OP.221' is an act of cultural reappropriation. Using the musical form made popular by Finnish composer Sekari Hulkohhen, XYZR_KX reconstructs the meaning of the Inanomie by exploring its Phillipino origins, resulting in a decisive work that functions as both an an extension of the musical ideas developed in ‘Falls’ and a statement against cultural imperialism.
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XYZR_KX - Falls Off The Curb, Chump Style.

The debut full-length album from XYZR_KX represents a cross-section of his stylistic range, utilizing traditional rock sounds and electro-virtuosity to create a fresh, emotionally taut soundscape firmly situated within a classic pop structure.
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"Actually, Sampler."

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dir : ann poochareon
6:02 minute
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Video made with Max/MSP using Jitter and Auvi objects for real-time editing with audio analysis. The effects are applied live (while the music is playing) and is responsive to the audio and some other mathmatic calculation. the video is unique everytime, this is one of them.

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